Spicemas Corporation Office
Suite D6
GCNA Complex
Kirani James Blvd,
St. George's
P.O. Box 3238
(473) 440-0621

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The Spicemas Corporation

The Spicemas Corporation is a statutory body created by an act of parliament.

The Corporation is responsible for promoting and organizing Grenada's Carnival "Spicemas" and all official Spicemas events.

Spicemas Corporation is open Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm except on Holidays.

We are located at the Suite D6, GCNA Complex, Kirani James Blvd.

Office number: 473 - 440 – 0621
Email: admin@spicemasgrenada.com

Spicemas Corporation Board Members

  • Jocelyn Gairy - Chairwoman

  • Ian Marshall - ex-officio  

  • Andy Chichester - Director Mas Representative

  • Isha Antoine - Director Calypso Representative

  • Shirma Wells - Director Media & PR

  • Thomas Matthew - Ex-officio  (Ministry Culture)

  • Rudy Grant -  Grenada Tourism Authority

  • Cedric Mitchell 

  • Edvin Martin - Director of RGPF

  • kinna Victor-Marrast - Legal Department