Carnival Queen Pageant Back in 2010

Press Release
April 29th, 2010

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“An evening of elegance!”

Those were the words used to describe last Saturday’s meeting with the 2010 Carnival Queen Pageant contestants by Deputy Chair of the GCC, Mrs. Jennifer Woodroffe. The event was designed to introduce the contestants to each other, share the expectations of the Committee and outline the changes that will be incorporated into the 2010 Pageant. GCC Chairman, Colin Dowe, told the six young ladies that the Committee did not want to merely stage a queen show to keep with tradition but rather have an event that will showcase the best features of Grenadian young women.

The GCC, through the leadership of Committee member Mrs. Susan Jones-Benjamin, has been working over the last six months to ensure that the Carnival Queen Pageant returns to the calendar of events. In 2009, the Committee cited the unavailability of contestants coming through the various parish committees as the main reason for not hosting the show. Work therefore began immediately to ensure that each of the carnival development committees within the parishes hosted competitions and therefore had candidates to put forward for a national competition.

Mrs. Jones-Benjamin, in her address to the queens, said that over the next four months the young ladies will go through several developmental activities that will ensure they will not only be very ready for Pageant night, August 5th, but will be better persons at the end of the experience. The Pageant’s Chairperson also stressed that being a queen was about the whole person and competition’s new design will foster personal growth and also expose the public, ahead of the night of competition, as to who these Grenadian beauties are as citizens.

The six contestants, representing Carriacou and five of the parishes on the mainland, all expressed their eagerness to be a part of this new look Pageant. The young ladies also met Chaperones, with expertise in beauty pageants chosen by the GCC, who will be working with them and their parish representatives to guarantee a quality presentation on the final night.

In responding to the query as to why there were only five persons from Grenada, the Committee’s Chair explained that there was not a natural representative from St. George since the capital parish does not have a carnival development committee. She explained that they were working with one of the community organizations within the parish to possibly allow one of their contestants to be the representative.

The names of the contestants and their parishes can be viewed on the GCC’s website