Grenada Carnival Committee Meets with Top Promoters

Press Release
April 26th, 2010

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Last Saturday, April 24th, the leadership of the Grenada Carnival Committee (GCC) and the Minister with responsibility for Culture, Senator Arley Gill, hosted a meeting with the nation’s top promoters. The theme of the meeting was “Cooperation and Collaboration towards Building a True Carnival Season.”

In his opening remarks, Senator Gill, told the promoters that they were a very important partner in the success of Spicemas. Senator Gill noted that “The GCC can only do so much and their primary responsibility is the staging of the competitions to showcase the talents of our artistes in Mas, Steelband and Calypso, it is you, the promoters that create the build-up, that generate the excitement through your events, that lead to a memorable carnival season.”

Chairman of the GCC, Colin Dowe, reiterated the Committee’s commitment to working with promoters to ensure that events leading up to carnival weekend complement each other rather than compete so that there will be more activities for patrons and the potential of better rewards for the promoters.

The representatives of the entertainment industry called upon the GCC to assist them with forging a better relationship with law enforcement. They recognized that one of the attractions of Spicemas is the safe environment that Grenada provides and they wanted a closer collaboration with the RGPF to ensure that this reputation is maintained as they work creatively to introduce new activities to hype the carnival season.

Also making a presentation at the meeting was Ms. Shannel Andrews from the VAT Unit of the Ministry of Finance. She reminded the audience that all promoters of public events are required by law to pay VAT and as such they should be registered and work with the VAT Unit to ensure that they are in compliance. Ms. Andrews pledged the support of the Unit in working with promoters to overcome the perceived challenges of the bureaucracy of the VAT system.

Due to the concerns raised and the vibrancy of the discussions, which lasted well over 2 hours, the GCC has committed to facilitating other meetings with promoters, which will have representation from the RGPF and the VAT Unit.