Spicemas 2010 - We Playin ah
Wicked Mas!

2010 Carnival Message from Colin Dowe
Spicemas Corporation Chairman
Colin Dowe
Spicemas Corporation

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On behalf of the Grenada Carnival Committee I will like to take this opportunity to welcome our visitors to our beautiful Spice Isles and to wish our resident Grenadians a very festive Spicemas 2010.

Carnival continues to be the most significant festival on Grenada’s cultural calendar and it is a time when we embrace and celebrate things Grenadian. Carnival bears great historical, economic and cultural significance to the people of Grenada and epitomizes our history, our heritage, our culture and the talents of our people.

Our last lap Caribbean summer festival is unique and over the years has taken on a character that is the envy of the region, in particular our Jouvert. The significance of Spicemas goes way beyond an opportunity for cultural expression since it bears significant economic importance to our country. This is especially so in the present economic crisis.

Through the hard work and extraordinary talent of a dedicated and enthusiastic team we have created a fantastic Summer Festival and we are pleased that you are able to share in this experience.

In 2009, the GCC, despite the challenges, embarked on a few new initiatives, which brought added value to Spicemas and recognition to our stakeholders. For the first time the Panorama competition was judged in three phases and this gave the steelbands an opportunity to traverse the island and allow the population to hear the sweet sound of steel. Our webcasting of events allowed us to continue our marketing thrust even as we entered the final stages of the competition and also transmit a slice of spice to culture lovers around the world.

Quality productions must be a hallmark of Spicemas and we will be consolidating on the strides made last year as we continue to be innovative, thus ensuring the strengthening of the premier summer festival, Grenada’s Carnival.

When you hear that familiar sound of calypso, see the kaleidoscope of colours from the mas bands, hear the knocking of iron in a steelband and you begin to feel a feeling that takes you to a magical place, you know Dis is Spicemas an We Playin ah Wicked Mas.