From Grenada to the World: Live Broadcast of all Carnival Shows

Press Release
July 23rd 2010

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"The Grenada Carnival Committee is pleased to announce that it will once again be streaming all of the major carnival shows live over the World Wide Web."

This feature to Spicemas was introduced in 2009 due to the recognition by the GCC that lovers of Grenadian culture are not restricted to those who are resident on Island and its commitment to expand its revenue streams to ensure that Spicemas is both a cultural and financial success.

The live webcasts and local pay per view will be made possible by the partnership forged between the GCC, Community Channel 6 of Columbus Communications Grenada Ltd and the Government Information Service.  

Two packages will also be available for the local Pay Per View via cable TV. Mrs. Gail Purcell Head of Sales and Marketing of Columbus Grenada says that this initiative brings added value to the local market recognizing that not everyone can make it down to the National Stadium for the major shows.

Subscribers can access the Queen Pageant on Majestic Thursday, the GCC-LIME Soca Monarch on Bacchanal Friday, Pan Xplosion on Pantastic Saturday and the Dimanche Gras for $59.99 (VAT inclusive). For $45 persons can view the sows on Majestic Thursday, Pantastic Saturday and the Dimanche Gras.

Patrons can call Columbus Communications toll free at 800-3569  to subscribe. Persons are encouraged to do this by July 31st to guarantee service.

Viewing of the events via the webcast will be available at, and can be purchased for a nominal fee of $10.50 US per event.