Special Calypso Competition Highlighting Constitutional Reform

Press Release
May 11th, 2011

Special Calypso Competition Info:

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The Grenada Carnival Committee is collaborating with the Ministry of Legal Affairs to host a special calypso competition in 2011 focusing on the Constitutional Reform process currently taking place.

This competition seeks to encourage artistes to examine any aspect of the Independence Constitution and make suggestions for its improvement and/o strengthening. The Spokesperson on Constitutional Reform in the Attorney General’s Office, Mr. Robert Branch says that “the songs should be inspirational. They should call us to action or at least reflect on Grenada’s democracy and encourage positive steps to enhance it.”

Registration for this new competition takes place at the Carnival Secretariat and CD’s with the competing songs are to be submitted prior to 4 PM on Friday, July 8th 2011. A unique feature of this competition is to have twenty percent (20%) of the points generated through the playlists, based upon audience’s requests to participating radio stations. This feature was included to ensure that the Grenadian public is conscious of the issues surrounding constitutional reform and participates in the process that informs its amendments. The other eighty percent (80%) will be adjudicated in the normal way through the membership of the Calypso Judges Association of Grenada. Prizes totaling almost $10,000 are up for grabs.

Chairman of the GCC, Colin Dowe expressed his pleasure in being able to partner with the Ministry of Legal Affairs on this very important step in the maturation process of our country. He further stated that “while culture is looked at as the way of life of our people, our Constitution communicates the guidelines for us to enjoy and preserve that way of life and hence there is an inextricable link between culture and constitution.” Mr. Dowe encouraged all calypsonians to answer the challenge of the Ministry of Legal Affairs in truly being the people’s messenger on Constitutional Reform.

Spicemas 2011 will be officially launched on June 4th and its is hoped that this new dimension will further add to the product diversification initiatives of the GCC. Further information about the competition can be obtained at the GCF Office.

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