Rules & regulations governing The GCC Fancy & Traditional Mas carnival competitions

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May 23rd, 2011

Rules & Regulations Governing Fancy & Traditional Mas:



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These rules and regulations are developed to govern the Traditional and Fancy Mas competitions of carnival as sponsored by the Grenada Carnival Committee (GCC) or similar body constituted by the Government of Grenada to manage the delivery of carnival events in the State of Grenada. .

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All competitors are required to, and by entering the Traditional and Fancy Mas competitions provided for hereunder, agree to abide by these rules and regulations and to comply with all instructions, in keeping with the letter or spirit of these rules, given by members of the GCC or its designee.



    1. These rules and regulations take effect from 1st June 2011.
    2. For the purposes of this document the Grenada Mas Band Association (GMBA), its Executive and membership are defined in accordance with the Constitution of the Grenada Mas Band Association
    3. Competitions covered are:
          • Traditional Mas Competition
          • Best Theme Portrayal – Monday Parade (Pageant)
          • Kings, Queens and Individuals of the Bands
          • Band of the Year Parade – Carnival Monday & Tuesday
    4. All Mas Bands participating in Carnival must be registered and in good financial standing with the Grenada Mas Band Association.
    5. The Grenada Mas Band Association (GMBA) shall submit a list of all registered members, in good financial standing to the GCC no later than June 15th.
    6. A subvention not exceeding $75,000 EC will be paid out to registered members of the GMBA in good financial standing to assist with the preparations for carnival.
    7. The issuance of subventions will occur upon the signing of the Terms and Conditions document governing the granting of subventions (attached).
    8. Subventions will be distributed strictly based upon the traditional size of the bands.
      1. The GMBA shall provide the number of players for each band in the two preceding years.
      2. The average number of registered players for the two preceding years will be used to determine the bands ‘traditional size’.
      3. The bands will be classified into three (3) categories: Small, Medium & Large.
        1. Small: 75 – 100 Participants
        2. Medium: 101 – 175 Participants
        3. Large: More than 176
      4. The amount of subvention disbursed will be based upon a band’s ‘traditional size’ classification.
      5. The disbursement of subventions will ONLY take place after bands have submitted promotional sketches to the GCC or provide a link to the band’s website, which carries the prototypes and/or sketches for the band.
      6. Only bands which have participated in the GCC’s Parade of the Bands, within the last two prior carnival seasons will qualify for subventions.
      7. The GCC will consider paying a retroactive subvention to bands not qualifying for subvention under Section 1.8.5 based upon the availability of funds.
      8. The retroactive disbursement of subventions, when it occurs, will not be accounted for in the agreed disbursement for bands referenced in Section 1.6 above.
      9. Bands receiving subventions and not participating fully in the competition as outlined in the rules will be required to repay monies in full within thirty (30) days after Carnival Tuesday or face legal action.
      10. The GCC will endorse the applications for concessions of all financially cleared members of the GMBA for the importation of material to build carnival costumes.
    9. Around July 15th, bands will be invited to a draw for the order of appearances in each of the following competitions.
      1. Traditional Mas Competition
      2. Best Theme Portrayal – Monday Parade (Pageant)
      3. King, Queen and Individuals of the Bands
      4. Band of the Year Parade (Carnival Monday & Tuesday)
    10. All Bands intending to participate in the carnival competitions are required to participate in the official Carnival Launch within thier parish.

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