TCL Group Skiffle Bunch joins the Launch of Spicemas 2011

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June 6th, 2011
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The Grenada Carnival Committee (GCC) will like to express its sincerest thanks to the National Lottery Authority (NLA), L.L. Ramdhanny & Co. Ltd. and George F. Huggins (Grenada) Limited for facilitating the participation of the TCL Group Skiffle Bunch Steel Orchestra in the Launch of Spicemas 2011. George F. Huggins and L.L. Ramdhanny are the two local distributors for the band’s title Sponsor, the TCL Group. A twenty five (25) member team journeyed from neighbouring Trinidad and Tobago to join their colleagues of the Grenada Steelband Association to signal the return of Steelband in its fullest form in 2011.

Chairman of the GCC, Colin Dowe pointed out how happy the Committee was to have the group from Skiffle in Grenada and was hopeful that this excursion was an initial step towards a strong collaboration to foster the long term development and support for steelbands in Grenada. An elated Dowe said:

“When I heard the sweet sound of steel ringing out before the thousands of patrons at the launch, I said to myself this is what true partnership is about. This is what can be accomplished by having a true public sector - private sector collaboration.” 

Dowe said it was important to place on record the commitment to the steelband movement illustrated by the Geo. F. Huggins, L.L. Ramdhanny and NLA through this visit. He intimated that talks were on the way for further exchanges and having the TCL Group Skiffle Bunch perform at the launch of Spicemas in Trinidad on June 28.

Skiffle Bunch, led by its Captain Junia Regrello, opened up the Spice Isle campaign with a workshop for junior panist at the Coyaba New Dimensions’ pan house on the morning of Friday, June 3rd. A large number of students were able to interact with and play alongside the visitors from Trinidad. The Orchestra then rendered two amazing sets at the Steel Band Jamboree, labeled a ‘Pan War – Grenada versus Trinidad’, on the Carenage later that evening. Scores of pan lovers turned out to fill the streets and enjoy excellent pan music in an ambience that is arguably the most picturesque in the Caribbean.

On Saturday, the Spicemas Launch performance was preceded by another workshop for junior pan players at the Republic Bank Angel Harps’ facility in Tanteen. The youngsters were treated to the use of the steel drum to play selections from a full spectrum of musical genres. Regrello, the leader of the band and a former Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Culture of Trinidad and Tobago, urged the attendees not to limit their repertoires as musicians. He advised the students to expand their knowledge and overall range of selections. He emphasized the fact that economic benefits can come by being accomplished players.  

Pan lovers can look forward to the return of the Bomb Tune competition, hosted by the GCC on June 26, 2011.