Spicemas Corporation engages Promoters as preparation start for the hosting of Spicemas 2012

Press Release
Mar 16, 2012

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The newly established Spicemas corporation held its inaugural meeting with promoters at the National Stadium media conference room on Tuesday.

The meeting which attracted over forty promoters from across the island was aimed at educating and sensitizing promoters on the new laws and regulations which govern Carnival since the establishment of the corporation in late 2011 and extending an invitation for promoters to partner with the corporation to make carnival 2012 a success.

Chairman of the Corporation Colin Dowe through power point presentation explained in depth the laws which will govern the season and the new approach which will be undertaken in the delivery of Spicemas 2012 under the new body.

In his delivery, Dowe said “The Corporation cannot do this alone. Spicemas belongs to all of us. The economic and cultural success of carnival is dependent upon us partnering to ensure the development of a true carnival season that brings maximum benefit to all stakeholders.”

Tuesday’s meeting gave promoters an opportunity to understand the mandate of the corporation which is the sole body charged with the responsibility of operating, organizing, managing and promoting carnival, within and outside of Grenada.

One of the major talking points from the meeting was the new procedure promoters now have to follow in order to host any carnival activity during the carnival period, where an application must be sent to the corporation and approved before plans commence to host an activity.

According to the corporation laws, the carnival period is the date of the launch to the climax on Carnival Monday and Tuesday.

The corporation plans to continue these interactive sessions with the major stakeholders in Carnival, as they look forward to hosting a carnival with a difference under new policies.