Calypso tent judging begins

Press Release
July 19th, 2012

St. George's, July 19, 2012 – Adjudicators earmarked for judging at carnival's calypso tents are about to begin their work. The Forward Calypso Tent will be first to be judged. That takes place today, Thursday, July 19, 8 pm, at the Tivoli Pasture.

All Stars will be the final calypso tent to be judged on July 26.

Schedule for Tent Judging





July 19 Forward Calypso Tent Tivoli Pasture 8:00PM
July 20 Soca Palace Natural Works 8:00PM
July 21 Kaisorama Spice Basket 8:00PM
July 23 Calypso Kingdom D palace in La Tante 8:00PM
July 24

Images House of Soca

River Salle Gov’t school

July 25

Kaiso Bards

Deluxe Cinema

July 26 All stars Natural Works 8:00PM