Traditional Mas at its Best

Press Release
August 1st 2012

For the second year, the SpiceMas Corporation (SMC) has partnered with the community to host another successful Traditional Mas Exhibition!

Following the success of last year’s event, the Corporation ensured that Traditional Mas was included and remained at the forefront of this year’s SpiceMas activities.

Scores of people came out to support this much-anticipated event, which was held at Victoria Park, St. Mark last weekend. Bands from various communities participated in this year’s event, showcasing a number of colourful depictions of Wild Indians, Vieux Croix (Vecco), May Pole Dancers and Shortknee.

The winners emerging from the various categories (in first, second and third respectively) were as follows:
Shortknee: Coast Guard Rebel, Hermitage Shortknee and Rose Hill Shortknee
Vieux Croix: D Goblins, Bull Dozers 20 Masters and Legends Mas Band
Other: Young Grenadian Maypole, Windsor Forest Maypole, and Red Rose Wild Indian

The SMC recognizes that Traditional Mas is more than just an important art form; it is a long cherished and traditional part of Grenadian culture. SMC were delighted therefore to observe the continuing interest shown by Grenadians through participation and support for the event.

Colin Dowe, Chairman of the Corporation stated “Traditional mas is one of the strengths of SpiceMas and makes our carnival unique. Therefore it was only fitting for the SpiceMas theme to bring focus to this art form. The Corporation recognizes the role that this dying art form played in our history and culture and we will do our part to ensure its revival”.

The SpiceMas Corporation congratulates the winners of this year’s competition and urges the communities to continue their support for our traditional mas.