RUBIS donates EC $4,000 in fuel to Spicemas Corporation

Press Release
August 2nd, 2013
By: Spicemas Marketing Committee
Country Representative for RUBIS Charles Archer & Spicemas Corporation Chairman Arthur Hosten

Wednesday, 31st July 2013, St. George’s: A leading Caribbean distributor
of high quality petroleum, LPG and aviation fuel has contributed to the hosting of the nation’s national festival; Spicemas.

RUBIS donated EC 4,000 in Fuel to the Spicemas Corporation, at a short ceremony at the National Stadium on Thursday 25th July.

Country Representative for RUBIS Charles Archer made the presentation to the Chairman of the Spicemas Corporation Arthur Hosten.

Speaking at the short ceremony Archer, said his company is pleased to be supporting the national event, as they enter into a new market and intends to support the nation’s cultural activities as it help sustain it’s rich cultural heritage.”

Spicemas Chairman Arthur Hosten thanked the petroleum company for the much needed support and said, “This will most definitely help to fuel more power into Spicemas 2013”, as the contribution will be used to meet the fuel needs in support of all the Spicemas Corporation shows.