Spicemas Hit the Roadways with Exciting Motorcade

Press Release
May 26, 2014

ST. GEORGE’S, GRENADA, May 26, 2014 - Spicemas took to the roadways last Saturday with a successful motorcade promoting its upcoming launch and opening of the Carnival Season.

The motorcade started off from Port Highway, St. George and proceeded across the island making major stops in each parish. Several stakeholders reveled across the island portraying costumes including Shortknee, Vieux Corp, Wild Indian, Moko Jumbies, Jab Jab and Fancy Mas.


Grenadians were treated to the pulsation of local Soca music as the convoy made its way through the western corridor all the way up to St. Patrick with major stops in Gouyave, Victoria and Sauteurs. The motorcade proceeded down the eastern side of the island with stops in Grenville, La Tante Junction and finally ending in the Morne Rouge area.

Several artistes performed to the delight of persons through the various towns and villages bringing a taste of things to come for Spicemas 2014. The artistes included Valene Nedd, Tracey, Simple Dan, Snake Oil, GN Family, Shotta, and Doggy’s Productions. Music was provided by DJ Joie T sound system, DJ Chemical Sounds.

A number of sponsors for this year’s Spicemas joined the motorcade including The National Lotteries Authority, Grenada Breweries, and LIME.

The motorcade brought the message across the island of the launch of Spicemas 2014 carded for the Port Highway on Saturday 31, May. The general public is invited to the launch which will start of 3pm. The launch on Saturday will be used by the SMC to reveal all its plans for the upcoming carnival season and provides an opportunity for Mas, Pan, Calypso and Soca to entice the public into preparing for the season ahead.

According to the General Manager of the SMC the motorcade was of great success. Ms. Smith said, “The motorcade was well received by all stakeholders and sponsors and therefore this set the stage for a very interactive Spicemas season”. She also indicated that the general public expressed a high level of excitement about the launch on Saturday.

The Spicemas Corporation’s Chairman, Mr. Alister Bain joined the motorcade and he too reveled in the excitement of the occasion. Mr. Bain was satisfied that the turnout of the stakeholders and enthusiasm of the public set the tone for a fantastic launch on Saturday.


Flyers and information were distributed across the island as a promotional exercise. The Spicemas launch is expected to signal the commencement of an exciting and energized Spicemas carnival season with great expectations of the standard and quality from all stakeholders.

SMC expresses appreciation to all participating entities that supported the motorcade including the stakeholders, DJ’s, service providers, LIME, NLA, and Grenada Breweries. Special thanks to the RGPF and the team of officers on duty for a job well done. Grenelg, Caesar Gangadeen and The Grenada Bottling Company.