130 Groovy Artistes to face the Judges

Media Release
July 9, 2015

ST. GEORGE’S GRENADA, JULY 9 2015: Grenada is about to be transformed into  pure grooves for the next few days as one hundred and thirty (130) artistes vie for a position in the quarterfinal round of the Groovy competition. Spicemas has seen the largest amount of artistes registering for the competition this year which is a big year for that genre of music. Soca and Calypso artistes are now adding groovy songs to their repertoires which provide them with the opportunity to now enter into the three Spicemas competitions namely Soca, Calypso and Groovy.

The first leg of the competition will kick off in Club Spectrum in Victoria with Fourty five (45) artistes listed to perform. The second leg will also take place in Club Spectrum with a total of fourty six (46) artistes down to face the judges. The final leg of the preliminaries will take place in La Sagesse on the hard court on Sunday 12 July. All shows are carded to start at 7pm.

The final of the groovy competition forms a part of Fantastic Friday carded for August 7 at the National Stadium. The show precedes the SMC/LIME Soca Monarch Competition.  According to Spicemas, a high interest is now placed on the grooves which augurs well for the product. The groovy competition is now considered has having the potential to evolve into its own and has the potential to attract a large enough audience.  Fans are encourage to go out and support their favourite artiste over the next few days as they seek to secure a position in the next round of competition which will take place at Carnival City on July 23.

In the meantime, the judging of calypso tents will commence during next week. Calypsonians are presently engaged in practicing as they ready themselves for the judges. Five tents have already been identified with a capacity of between ten to fifteen artistes per tent.  In other related news, the thirty three (33) Soca Artistes are presently preparing for their semifinal round of competition carded for July 24 in the Grenville Bus Terminus.