Junior Calypso Monarch Finalist
Order of Appearance

First Name Last Name Song Appearance
Shamira Bartholomew Dey say 1
Krystal Baptiste Call me Calypso 2
Chante Murray Crime doesn't pay 3
Anthony Celestine Party of the century 4
Jeloni Flemming Ah miss that days 5
Sherica Hypolite Watch but doh touch 6
Kenisher Morain The police force 7
Kate Mitchell Freedom is not free 8
Michael Griffith My call to the nation 9
Negus John Focus 10
Heidi Charles Keep climbing 11
Rayanna Hosten Doh touch fire 12
Melanie Roberts Three old men 13
Kadeem Bowen Stay in school 14
Joshell Augustine Ah can't wait 15
Shanae Sylvan We need love 16
Shanika Ross Ah could never forget that 17
Shade Sylvan Ah want to read 18
Ali Simon Bleach that instead 19
Alieen Charles Hector Parental control 20
Roland Fredrick Choose peace & stop the violence 21