Spicemas Corporation, in collaboration with UNESCO and the Grenada Steelband Association (GSA), proudly announces the launch of an extraordinary initiative - the Steelpan Tuning Training Workshop. This innovative program, conceived by the former Spicemas Corporation Board under the leadership of Mr. Arley Gill and Mr. Kelvin Jacob, now comes to fruition under the direction of the current CEO, Mr. Cecil Noel.  UNESCO-Funded Project Elevates Aspiring Steelpan Tuners  The highly anticipated Pan Tuning Training Workshop opens today with its official ceremony.…

SMC and GTA colloborates for Traditional Mas Documentary Series

Over the next few months, Spicemas Corporation and the Grenada Tourism Authority will bring over 21 documentaries of Grenada's traditional mas. These documentaries will showcase Grenada's Traditional Mas’ vibrant history, cultural significance, and elaborate costumes. Through these episodes, viewers can immerse themselves in the rich heritage and experience the excitement of this unique carnival tradition. We will feature interviews with local masqueraders, historians, and cultural experts who will provide valuable insights into the evolution of traditional Mas in Grenada. Additionally,…

Soca Monarch

Soca Monarch is the annual soca music competition, the finals of which are held on Carnival Friday. Contestants in the event vie for two separate crowns or titles, the Soca Monarch (aka the Power Soca Monarch) for uptempo songs (135 bpm and above), and Groovy Soca Monarch for slower-paced songs (134 bpm and below). The Soca Monarch competition has become one of the most anticipated events for Grenada’s Carnival over the years.

National Queenshow Casting Call

Be a part of the Spicemas Evolution! National Carnival Queen Pageant Casting Call Are you ready?! This is an opportunity to shine and represent your parish! Win a scholarship and $10.000.00 Details of requirements are noted on the flyer. The submission deadline is March 20, 2023. Email submissions to Auditions March 25, 2023. Grenada Trade Center from 10 am-3 pm #spicemas2023#theevolution#nationalqueenshow