Childrens Carnival Frolic 2010 Results

August 11, 2010

Junior Calypso

1 Allana Hear me out
2 Cinika Up and Out
3 Charlana Misguided
4 RT Attitude of the youths
5 Hidi Goodbye Calypso
6 Rashad Get Up and Dance
7 Craig Stay Away
8 Intelligent Stars Fire
9 Akel Pass it On
10 Dawan What Happen to Them


Junio Mas (Individual)

1 Kai  Antoine OLOKUN-(Keeper of Igne Festival)
2 Akera Friday Princess of Benin-Daughter of the Warrior King
3 Latasiah Amada The Rainbow Trout
4 Joel Neckles The Crab
5 Templeton Braveboy Night Sky Alight
6 Dajiah Green Tropical Butterfly
7 Deon-Ja’ Auld Every Dark Cloud Has a Silver Lining
8 Jahvel James Short Knee Is Me
9 Ariel St. John Queen of the Band Essence of the Land and Sea
10 Samal English Strength in Hope
11 Joshua Stephens King of the band King Shaka
12 Germaine La Borde Life and Love: A Great Legacy
13 Keyana Bubb Queen of the Band Queen Sheba
14 John King Solar Glory
15 Sabrina English Wealth of a mother blessed by God


Junior Bands (Traditional)

1 Demonic Angels The Revolution Invasion
2 Hermitage Short knee The True Spirit of Short Knee
3 Sacred Angels Return of the Graduates
4 Legend Mas Band Bury Dem
5 Waterloo Short Knee


Junior Bands (Fancy)

1 Commancheros and Associates Dry Season
2 Mt. Mortiz Community Development Fishes of the Sea
3 Ann & Associates Tribes
4 Lazarus Antoine & Associates Forest Kingdom
5 Spice and Friends Sailor Band
6 St. Patrick’s C.D.C Children’s Band Celebrate Appreciate
7 Francis Redhead We Looking Good
8 Meryl Britton and Associates Breadfruit and Smokeherring
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