Dimanche Gras

Dimanche Gras is French for Great Sunday and is the title of the main carnival event called Dimanche Gras Night. On Dimanche Gras which is carnival Sunday night, the calypso competition and the King and Queen of the Bands are held. It is a spectacle to begin the carnival on Monday morning (J’ouvert).

King and Queen of the Bands

Each carnival band is led by a King and Queen, who wear extremely large costumes, often requiring extensions and wheels to assist the masquerader to carry it through the streets. Each year on Dimanche Gras (Carnival Sunday), a competition is held to award the King and Queen of Carnival title to two of these masqueraders.

Calypso Monarch

Takes place on 11 August inside the Grenada National Cricket Stadium.

Calypso helps bring awareness to the general public about issues that otherwise might be overlooked and puts pressure on people to make changes. As expected, the songs express the artist’s strong opinions about timely and controversial topics. These songs are creatively crafted with catchy lines and humorous phrases that make Calypso music favorable amongst the islanders, being both educational and entertaining.