Event License


Please be guided that numerous event dates will be subjected to the $10.00 application fee.


Spicemas Corporation will not be held responsible for any event being shut down due to false information on the Event Application Form.

Prior to signing, please read and pay particular attention the stipulated REQUIREMENTS FOR OBTAINING EVENT LICENCE here below.

  1. All event promoters must be residents or citizens of Grenada. Promoters must be registered locally and produce a Tax clearance certificate or Tax Number before licences are obtained from Spicemas Corporation.
  2. Promoters must apply for and ensure Work Permit are obtained for foreign artiste(s) that require a work permit from the Ministry of Labour.
  3. Promoters or organisations using Party Boats, local or foreign, during the period from the launch of May 4th up to the 20th of August 2024, must, under the Spicemas Act, apply to and await approval from Spicemas Corporation for the hosting of those events.
  4. All relevant payments, including retroactive payments, must be made by the promotor before, on or immediately thereafter, as deemed necessary by the relevant institution, including the Inland Revenue Department.
  5. In the case of foreign party boats, the Customs and Excise Department will check the cargo/storage area for the contents of these vessels to prevent contraband entry and protect the sales of local goods.
  6. As of 2025, Spicemas will require financial statements from Mas bands, promoters, and other relevant entities to ensure all the necessary financial procedures are in place and complied with. This will also mitigate against financial breaches and assist in establishing the organisations’ ownership.
  7. All promoters are responsible for the proper collection and disposal of garbage derived from their event, at the Perseverance Dump Site.