Mas Bands


Mas Bands

Fancy Mas Bands

Also known as Pretty Mas’, which is a parade of male and female masqueraders of all ages dressed in beautifully designed costumes by local and foreign designers and they’re accompanied by Traditional Mas players such as Short Knee, Wild Indians, Viecorps (as we say ‘VEHCO’) and much more.


Many revellers begin their Carnival marathon at the Dimarche Gras Show and continue straight into the J’Ouvert celebrations, where in the early hours of Monday morning,

Children’s Carnival Frolic

Children’s Carnival Frolic is a Festival designed for the younger generation of Grenada, ranging from the ages 3 to 16. It embeds all the elements of Mas and pageantry, designed specifically to facilitate the kids. The event features vibrant costumes, lively music, and exciting dance routines that showcase the creativity and talent of the young participants. It provides a safe and inclusive environment for children to express themselves and celebrate their culture during the Carnival season.

Traditional Mas Bands

Soca Monarch is the annual soca music competition, the finals of which are held on Carnival Friday. Contestants in the event vie for two separate crowns or titles, the Soca Monarch (aka the Power Soca Monarch) for uptempo songs (135 bpm and above), and Groovy Soca Monarch for slower-paced songs (134 bpm and below). The Soca Monarch competition has become one of the most anticipated events for Grenada’s Carnival over the years.

Monday Night Mas

A parade of lights, held on Carnival Monday Night where spectators gather on the streets of St. George’s waiting to be entertained by thousands of masqueraders enjoying themselves whilst chipping down the streets to some of the local Soca music, in their neon and brightly colored garments and lighting instruments