2010 Official Spicemas Results

August 11, 2010

Children’s Carnival Frolic

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Fancy Band

1 Commancheros & Associates Dry Season
2 Mt. Moritz Community Development Fishes of the Sea
3 Ann & Associates Tribes

Traditional Bands

1 Demonic Angels The Revolution Invasion
2 Hermitage Short Knee The True Spirit of Short Knee
3 Sacred Angels Return of the Graduates


1 Whitney Bowen Bush Fire
2 Kai Antoine OLOKUN – (Keeper of Igne Festival)
3 Akera Friday Princess of Benin – Daughter of the Warrior King

Junior Calypso

1 Allana Boca Allana Hear Me Out
2 Cinika Moses Cinika Up and Out
3 Charlana George Charlana Misguided


National Queen Show

1 Nakitta Noel Ms. St. Patrick
2 Marisa Williams Ms. St. David
3 Renee Marquez Ms. St. John
4 Celina Joseph Ms. St. George
5 Makida Felix Ms. St. Andrew
6 Aria Andrew Ms. Carriacou
7 Hodiah Ferguson Ms. St. Mark

Carnival Queen Show Categories

Swimsuit Marisa Kerry Williams – St. David’s
Costume Gelian Joseph – St. George’s
Interview Nikitta Noel – St. Patrick’s
Evening Marisa Kerry Williams – St. David’s

Calypso/Soca Competition

Groovy Soca Monarch (Click here for full results)

1 Ranking Marvin Rent a Tile
2 Randy Isaac Independent Ladies
3 Sheldon Douglas Sookie

Soca Monarch (Click here for full results)

1 Kelvin Celestine Otis Tornado
2 Hollis Mapp Mr. Killa See Them Fly
3 Evlyn Alexander Zingo People Bawling


1 Biko Lewis Biko
2 Findley Jeffery Scholar
3 Sheldon Douglas Sheldon Douglas

Pantastic Saturday

1 Angel Harps Soca Feeling
2 New Dimensions More Steel bands
3 River Road Pan Wizard Shake your Bumbaloom



Best Jab Jab Band De Real Jab Jab
Most Colorful Band Red Point – Digicel Explosion
Most Comical Individual De English Language – Vincent Williams
Most Original Individual # 1 Jail Bird – Evlyn Mark
Best Current Affairs Individual Never say Never – Ft. Christopher (Dudus) Coke – Jude Ferguson

Queen of the Band

1 Denisha Frank Commancheroes & Associates
2 Denise Peters Lazarus Antione & Associates
3 Janice Augustine Andre Garvy & Associates

King of the Band

1 Dillon Coxel Commancheroes & Associates
2 Lazarus Antoine Lazarus Antoine & Associates
3 Kieshon Thomas Helen Marie & Associates

Pageant Mas

1 Commancheroes & Associates
2 Andre Garvey & Associates
3 Helen Marie & Associates

Traditional Mas – Short Knee

1 Hermitage Short Knee
2 Waterloo Short Knee
3 Victoria Short Knee

Traditional Mas – Vieux Coux

1 Legends Mas Band
2 Condemners From Hell
3 Demonic Angels

Traditional Mas – Wild Indians

Wild Indians


Monday Night Mas

LIME – Mad 4 Mas


Band of the Year

Commancheros & Associates


Banner of the year

Helen Marie & Associates


Road March

Kelvin Celestine (Otis) – Tornado


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