The National Carnival Queen Show is the stage where Grenada’s young women compete for the title of Carnival Queen. Showcasing the beauty, talent, and intelligence of 7 contestants representing their parish as they compete in various categories to win the Crown and Title of Miss Grenada.

Miss St.David 2023
Amonai Francis

Miss St.George 2022
Reesa Mc Intosh

Miss St. Mark 2019
Odessa Merryman

Miss St. George 2018
Kemik De Gale

Miss St. David 2017
Taymer Munroe 

Miss St. George 2016
Samantha Francis

Miss St. Patrick 2015
Nyanka Samuel-Robinson

Miss St. George 2014
Ebony Telesford

Miss St. David 2012
Anisha David

Miss St. George 2011
Cherrie Jones

Miss St. Patrick 2010
Nakitta Noel

Miss St. Patrick 2008
Asheida Charles

Miss St. David 2007
Beverly Victor

Miss St. George 2004
Nicole Seales

Miss St. Patrick 2003
Alejandra John