Over the next few months, Spicemas Corporation and the Grenada Tourism Authority will bring over 21 documentaries of Grenada’s traditional mas. These documentaries will showcase Grenada’s Traditional Mas’ vibrant history, cultural significance, and elaborate costumes. Through these episodes, viewers can immerse themselves in the rich heritage and experience the excitement of this unique carnival tradition.

We will feature interviews with local masqueraders, historians, and cultural experts who will provide valuable insights into the evolution of traditional Mas in Grenada. Additionally, viewers will witness firsthand the intricate craftsmanship and dedication that go into creating the stunning costumes worn during the festivities.

The documentaries will also delve into the various elements of Traditional Mas, such as the rhythmic music, energetic dance moves, and symbolic characters that make this carnival tradition so captivating. Moreover, viewers will gain a deeper understanding of how Traditional Mas has evolved and its significance in preserving Grenada’s cultural identity.

Production Team
Director/Editor: Chevon Francis
Camera: Arthur Daniel, Sonix Productions, Renel Parke

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