Soca Monarch

Soca Monarch is the annual soca music competition, the finals of which are held on Carnival Friday. Contestants in the event vie for two separate crowns or titles, the Soca Monarch (aka the Power Soca Monarch) for uptempo songs (135 bpm and above), and Groovy Soca Monarch for slower-paced songs (134 bpm and below). The Soca Monarch competition has become one of the most anticipated events for Grenada’s Carnival over the years.

Power Soca

The Power Soca category of the Soca Monarch competition features Grenada’s top soca artistes along with eager up and comers delivering uptempo songs (135 bpm and above) with vigorous stage performances. All contestants vie for the glory of being crowned the king or queen of soca in Grenada.

Groovy Soca

The Groovy Soca Category of the Soca Monarch competition features a more mellow side of the usually energetic genre that is soca music. Artistes compete with slower-paced songs (134 bpm and below) crafted to woo the judges and audience with lilting rhythms and melodies.

25 years of Grenada Soca Monarch - Winners & Songs

2018 Little Natty & Thunder Get In You Section
2017 Boyzie D’ Intention
2016 Boyzie Bulls Eye
2015 Boyzie Battalions
2014 Luni Spark & Electrify No Mercy
2013 Boyzie Mas Everywhere
2012 Lava Man Psycho
2011 Terra Kid Last Days
2010 Otis Tornado
2009 Mr. Killa Swing It Away
2008 Luni Spark & Electrify Clear D’ Way
2007 Luni Spark & Electrify High
2006 Mr. Killa Warriors
2005 Boogie B Clear D’ Smoke
2004 Mr. Killa Thunder Rags
2003 Tallpree Carnival Madness
2002 Sheldon Douglas Represent
2001 Sheldon Douglas Lash Ah Wood
2000 Zingo How They Go Stop It
1999 Sheldon Douglas Find Something
1998 Inspector & Scholar Belly / Watch You Conduct
1997 Inspector Power In The Soca
1996 Randy Isaac 6 For 9
1995 Ajamu On The Road Again
1994 Black Wizard Jump Up