The Spicemas Corporation officially launched Spicemas 2024 on Saturday, 4 May 2024, at the Kirani James Athletic Stadium Car Park under the theme, “An Xplosion of Culture.” This year’s festival promises to showcase the rich tapestry of Grenadian heritage through various cultural events and competitions, culminating on Carnival Tuesday, 13 August 2024.


The festivities commenced with a traditional Mas parade along Melville Street, St. George’s, leading to the Kirani James Athletic Stadium Car Park. Punctuated by blowing the conch shell, the event was declared open by Senator the Honourable Quinc Britton, Parliamentary Secretary within the Ministry of Tourism, the Creative Economy, and Culture.


Chairperson of the Spicemas Corporation, Kirt Ross, expressed his excitement, stating, “This year, we celebrate under a theme that truly resonates with the essence of Grenada. ‘An Xplosion of Culture’ isn’t just a catchy phrase; it’s a call to action, a reminder of the vibrant tapestry that is Grenadian Heritage. We want the world to witness the unbridled joy that only Spicemas can bring.”


Attendees were treated to captivating Calypso, Steel Pan, and Soca performances, along with mas band presentations unveiling their Fancy Mas, Traditional Mas, and Monday Nite Mas costumes for 2024.


The Carnival Queen Contestants made their first appearance since their announcement party on 26 April 2024 and were introduced by the 2023 Carnival Queen Amonai Francis, each representing a parish of Grenada:


Abigail Jeffery – St. George

Alorna Felix – St. Mark

Heidi Charles – St. David

Kenya Alexander – St. Andrew

Sashelle Alves – Carriacou & Petite Martinique

Angel Franklyn – St. Patrick

Abeni Matthew – St. John


The carnival events will allow Grenadians and visitors to immerse themselves in the unique culture and spirit of the tri-island state. Spicemas 2024 will see the return of Dimanche Gras on Carnival Sunday and the National Carnival Queen Show on Carnival Thursday.


The events that culminate the season are:

27 July 2024 – Traditional Mas Festival

3 August 2024 – Children’s Carnival Frolic

8 August 2024 – National Carnival Queen Pageant

9 August 2024 – Soca Monarch

10 August 2024 – Panorama

11 August 2024 – Dimanche Gras

12 August 2024 – J’ouvert, Pageant, Monday Nite Mas

13 August 2024 – Parade of the Bands, Last Lap


The New York edition of Spicemas launch will take place on Saturday, 11 May 2024 in Brooklyn, showcasing a star-studded cast of Grenadian Calypsoians, Soca artistes and Masqueraders.


Carnival enthusiasts can visit the Spicemas Corporation’s website for more information about Spicemas.


About Spicemas Corporation:

Spicemas Corporation is the official organiser of Grenada’s premier cultural festival, Spicemas. With a rich history spanning decades, Spicemas celebrates the vibrant heritage, music, dance, and traditions of Grenada, attracting thousands of revelers from around the world each year. Visit for more infor mation.



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