Spicemas Corporation

The Spicemas Corporation is a statutory body created by an act of parliament. The Corporation is responsible for promoting and organizing Grenada’s Carnival “Spicemas” and all official Spicemas events. Spicemas Corporation is open Monday to Friday 8 am to 4 pm except on Holidays. We are located at the Suite D6, GCNA Complex, Kirani James Blvd.

Telephone: 1 (473) 440-0621
E-mail: admin@spicemasgrenada.com

Spicemas Corporation Board Of Directors

Mr. Kirt Ross Chairman
Mr. Cecil Noel Chief Executive Officer
Ms. Frances Purcell Director – Human Resource
Ms. Siobhan Llyod Director – Legal Fraternity
Mr. Christopher Phillip Director – Business and Finance
Mr. Mario Castle Director – Creative Industry
Ms. Deliris Winsborrow Director – Culture
Mr. Edwin Francis Director – NLA
ACP John Mitchell Director – Royal Grenada Police Force
Mr. Victor Ashby Director – Steelband Association
Mr. Silvan Chan Director – Calypso